“Changing Healthcare through Innovative Technology”

What is Interactive Healthcare Designs vision?

To study, improve, contribute, and advance current, future innovations in healthcare that will promote modernization and improve patient outcomes.


What is Interactive Healthcare Designs mission?

To promote, study and analyze healthcare and healthcare processes within the safety regulations that will educate patients on new technologies and reduce apprehension.

What are Interactive Healthcare Designs services?

Consultant in:

​​Healthcare IT

​​– HTM training

​​Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

​​– Virtual Reality in healthcare

​​– Augmented Reality in healthcare

​​Analysis and education of new technologies used or ​​​​  envisionedfor healthcare.

​​Analysis of Innovation for acquisition


Dr. Jeffrey Smoot is a NAVY veteran; he has been involved in the healthcare industry for over twenty years. With extensive experience in Biomedical Technology, PACS/Cardiology PACS,  he brings a plethora of knowledge to the industry.


Dr. Smoot has performed extensive research in the area of using Virtual Reality through Touchless/Gestural Interfaces to reduce Nosocomial Infections in healthcare and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.


Dr. Smoot has not only worked, as a Sr. Biomedical Technician but also as a Sr. Business Analyst, Adjunct Professor in Healthcare Informatics, and a Sr. Technical Trainer for Medtronic. He has been the keynote speaker at Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society conference and HIMSS-Bluegrass Chapter.


Dr. Smoot is current the founder and CEO of Interactive Healthcare Designs. His education includes doctorate in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University, MBA Healthcare/Project Management, and Bachelors in Information Technology along with other degrees. Recently Dr. Smoot completed an Executive Certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

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